We came from dust

Performance, 2018

The day the power went out, I was late for work.

The day the power went out there was a lot of looting.

The day the power went out, I started filming.

The story begins in the not-too-distant future. A solar storm has knocked out power all across the world. As things get tougher in the cities, ten people decide that they will be safer starting over, together, in the woods. For a little while everything is alright, but eventually the idyllic new home and its inhabitants are tested in every way, and each of them must find a way to move forward. Largely influenced by speculative future narratives from contemporary culture, along with personal stories and imagery, We came from dust is a deep dive forward in time, set against a backdrop of the mysterious, powerful forests of the Pacific Northwest coast.



The day the power went out, songs and stories were all we had left. 

We came from dust was a unique collaboration between Maiko Yamamoto and acting students from the National Theatre School of Canada. For over two years, Yamamoto worked with the same cohort of students in each year of their training to create this collective creation. The piece launched the season of their graduating year, presented at the Monument-National in Montréal. 


Photos by Maxime Côté

We came from dust

Created and Performed by:
Nan Chen, Sohpie Dube, Kajsa Engel-Wood, Chloe Giddings, Nathaniel Hanula-James, Rochelle Laplante, Jesse LaPointe, Tara Renwick, Benjamin Thomas and Evelyn Wiebe

Directed by Maiko Yamamoto
Sound Design by Antoine Bedard
Sound Design Assistant Gloria Mok
Costume and Set Design by Hannah Fisher
Assistant Costume and Set Design Christos Darlasis
Lighting Design by Mackenzie Poole
Video Design by Samuel Boucher
Dramaturgy by Jacob Margaret Archer
Stage Management by Claire Bourdin
Technical Direction by Pedro Melão Ferreira
Production Management Eryn Griffith

Produced by the National Theatre School of Canada

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