About artist Maiko Yamamoto

I make performances using space, time, the body — and sometimes things — as materials. Through a personal and embodied investigation of these materials these performances attempt to explore an intimacy with the viewer that engages with questions of individual and collective identity. Including performative acts or gestures, the work aims to challenge the ways we relate to each other physically, emotionally and conceptually inside the spaces we occupy in order to create moments of tangible co-existence with each other. The artworks are a means to open up family histories, everyday experience and cultural and socio-political perspectives with the viewer in order to examine how this exchange shifts our interaction with the world and offers new ways of seeing and identification.

To learn more about my theatre and performance practice, please visit: theatrereplacement.org

Maiko is an Artistic Director of the Vancouver-based performance company Theatre Replacement, a company she formed in 2003 with fellow artist James Long. Past works include Mine (2018), Town Choir (2017), Town Criers (2016)Kate Bowie (2014), Dress me up in your love (2011), WeeTube (2009), Train (2008), Yu-Fo (2007), BIOBOXES (2007), Sexual Practices of the Japanese (2006), and The Empty Orchestra: a love story powered by karaoke (2005). Theatre Replacement continues to present work both nationally and internationally. The company’s work has focused on building performances that react to contemporary existence through a highly evolved and extended process of collaboration, and tends to engage with biographical examinations, relationship to audience and space and explorations of unique and challenging ways of exploring content and staging material.

In addition to her work with Theatre Replacement, Maiko directs, writes, teaches and creates performance for a diverse range of companies and venues.

She holds a BFA in Theatre from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts and an MAA in Visual Art from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.